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Finding Gratitude Amidst The Heartbreak

Last summer, while on our way back from a friend’s house, this sweet boy initiated a conversation that both warmed and broke my heart all at once. He talked about all the people and living things we’d lost over the years (his grandpa 8 years ago, our cat Mr. Bella about 7 years previous, my dad almost in early 2017, and of course more recently our original family unit plus our pets Axel, Salem, and now Malibu too).

We held hands as we sobbed while talking about what and who we miss, and that our pets were loved and are loved, and even though we understand why things have to be this way we also acknowledge that it really sucks too. And then we shared moments of joy for all that we still have to be grateful for and how determined we are to make our lives and our new family unit better than ever. And that we have the power to do so.

This boy, not yet 10…is so intuitive and compassionate, with a wisdom and understanding that often blows me away. But what perhaps makes me the most proud is that he’s not afraid to cry or communicate. Because real men do both. He initiated a conversation as he has multiple times before, and expressed his feelings…he was honest and raw and it created a beautiful platform for deeper bonding. His knowing that I am his greatest advocate and his soft place to fall will forever be my greatest achievement as his mother. This boy is growing up to be an incredible man and I am beyond blessed to watch him do just that.

This experience absolutely touched my heart and I am once again reminded of how blessed I am. 

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