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The Ultimate Taco Dip

Several years ago I couldn’t decide whether to make my usual taco dip or have a taco (I had leftover taco meat in the fridge)…so I decided to mix the two. And oh my heavens….the result was absolutely scrumptious and became a repeat *offender* in this house!!! I took it for a girly night and got rave reviews – it is seriously soooo good!

My usual taco dip recipe –


Refried Beans

Guacamole (recipe linked below)

Mixture of 2 parts sour cream/1 part mayonnaise or miracle whip and some taco seasoning to taste

Sprinkle with cheese


Here’s how I change it up!!!

In a casserold dish, layer:

Refried Beans

Guacamole (My favourite recipe)

Sour Cream/Mayo and taco seasoning mixture

Taco meat 

Sprinkle with chopped pickled jalapenos. Diced onions and peppers are also delicious.

Cover with grated cheese – old cheddar is my favourite

Optional: Top with chopped cilantro, taco sauce or salsa, or black olives.

This is by far my favorite indulgent snack….but it’s certainly not low on the calorie list so I try not to make it too much. lol But it is seriously SO good!!!



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