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We Have Traded Effectiveness for Busy-ness

80% of the things we do are busy things we do in an area that is not effective. THE AVERAGE PERSON ONLY SPENDS 20% of their time doing things that they are really GIFTED AT, CREATIVE AT, PASSIONATE ABOUT, EXCITED TO DO, and the rest of it is all the dumb stuff that we all have to do in order to survive.

I WONDER WHAT WOULD HAPPEN if we would go from doing 80% of things that are busy but not effective and 20% of the things that are really effective, and if we switch those numbers around and only give 20% of our time to the things that we have to do and 80% of our time to the things that WE WERE CREATED TO DO.
~TD Jakes
Aside from your actual job that pays the bills, how do you spend the remainder of your time? Is yours the 80% busy/20% effective split? Having worked intentionally the past few years to reverse those numbers, I can tell you how beautiful the transformation is. My life is filled with more passion, purpose, and the ability to more effectively organize my time. I am happier, more at peace, and I feel so much more accomplished each day. One thing in particular that helped me was learning to say no {seriously, try it!!}. Perhaps even more than that, giving myself permission to do so. For a while my motto was “If it doesn’t raise my children or pay my bills, I don’t have time for it”. And it was absolutely true and completely life changing.
Since implementing that approach almost 4 years ago, I have been able to introduce certain things back….I’ve learned that a dinner out with girlfriends is worth making the time for, a charity event always leaves me feeling passionate about making a difference, which people are good for my mental health and that hanging out with them fills my cup. And we can’t forget the bubble baths – aka my rejuvenation station. I do not have FOMO (fear of missing out) and more often than not have FOGO (fear of going out). I am not afraid to miss an event, stay home or be alone and in fact, need those times to rebalance and refuel my energy. Some of the things I plan to spend more of my time doing in the coming year are blogging {I love it here}, completing my life coaching course AND taking on clients, doing more makeup videos, listening to more audiobooks and podcasts, getting involved with specific charities, some sewing, trying new recipes and honestly, enjoying more evenings just watching Netflix. These are the things that fuel my passion and create a higher percentage of time spent effectively. When I am more focused on these things, the busy things don’t feel so busy. 
What *effective* things do  you want to spend more of your time on this year? 

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