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Making Memories With Your Kids

It should be clear by now that making memories is my passion, my purpose…and the main focus of my blog. But I don’t want to just show you how I’m making memories, I want to inspire you to do the same.

Luckily, there are others who share that same vision, and today I’m linking up to one such site. The Dating Divas

I’ve been a fan of there’s for a couple of years now, and although the majority of their posts are specifically about dating/marriage relationships, I found a lovely little gem 

Making-Childhood-Memories the dating divas these are your days making memories

50 Ways to Make Childhood Memories {photo used with permission}, which includes ideas for:

Indoor Activities, Out of the House Activities, Small and Simple Surprises, and Outdoor Activities

Trust me, there are some great ones. Actually, I love them all and have done many of them. Of course, now I have new ones to add to my list. Check it out!

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