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Feeling beautiful

I am a big watcher/addict of America’s Next Top Model. I love the photo shoots and seeing all the different looks they have – the hair, the makeup, the costumes, etc. I don’t know about you, but when I watch it, it seems like it would be so easy. Part of it I suppose is getting into the character, but I’m often watching thinking I could totally do it.

But let me tell you…I’m pretty sure now that I can’t, though I certainly want to continue testing the theory.

While in California recently my fantastic cousin (of Eternal Reflections Photography) did a fun mini shoot of me on a San Francisco beach. It was sooo fun, though I did feel a little silly (random spectators and beach walkers) which made it a little difficult to feel completely confident.

BUT we had a great time….laughed a lot….and even got some great shots (despite my incredible inability to pose). It seems less often I have photos taken of myself that I like, nevermind LOVE. But, she is THAT good…and looking at these photos, I feel THAT beautiful.

I highly recommend doing a photo shoot – get yourself all dolled up and *get into character*. And smile with pride as you look through the photos…you too will feel THAT beautiful.

To see all the photos and read the sweetest post EVER (yes, about moi) go HERE! I could melt – she says the nicest things. I love her anyways, but this certainly makes me love her even more! She’s the BEST and one of my dearest friends.

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