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Coachella Shorts #brotherinnovis #brothercanada #thesearethedays #Coachellashorts

When I saw these shorts made by iCandy Handmade, I was immediately in love.

coachella shorts striped swallow designs icandy handmade these are the days

In fact, I went to the fabric store the very next day to grab embellishments {I’m trying to be responsible and use up fabric I already have…I know, sad!} and purchased the pattern from Striped swallow Designs so that I could get started right away.

coachella shorts cute like me these are the days striped swallow designs icandy handmade

Now let me tell you – the pattern is ridiculously easy. Which is probably why it took me ALL night to figure it out. *sigh* I made some assumptions based on how I thought the leg *flap* worked, and as a result, I did it wrong SEVERAL times over. I mean, SO wrong. Embarrassingly wrong. I’m so glad I didn’t photograph the process.

I finally, FINALLY figured it out ~ by actually following the instructions, who’d have thought ~ and was so excited with how they turned out. I was also incredibly relieved that all my sewing, seam ripping and re-sewing {and repeat} didn’t destroy the fabric. I give all the credit to the fabulous Brother Innovis machine that I’m lucky enough to get to sew with. I promise there are more machine details to come…she really needs a post all to herself!

As you can see, the shorts are a bit big for Brooklyn and she finds the trim seam a little itchy (so I plan to figure out a way to cover it), but aren’t they adorable?!

coachella shorts 2 cute like me these are the days striped swallow designs icandy handmade brother innovis brother canada

I have several other adorable fabrics that I have big plans for in the Coachella shorts department…I can’t wait to do a sewing marathon, sometime in the spring perhaps {when I’m not busy dreading the upcoming snow!}. Brooklyn’s closet is going to be overflowing!

Now I’m missing summer. 🙁




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