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A Little {Or A Lot Of} Perspective – Let’s Talk About Gratitude

Have you ever had a moment with one of your children when the fragility of life just knocks you down? When you realize just how little control we have and how quickly things can change? Doesn’t it give you a new-found sense of gratitude and perspective?

I know I have personally had such experiences more than a few times and lessons are always intense. And my anxiety following – well, that’s for another post I suppose.

My friend, Lindsey and her husband are in just such a whirlwind right now. Only it’s not something as {simple} as catching your child before he runs into the street, or finding her after searching frantically. This involves a life threatening illness that requires two major brain surgeries….asap. And with this need comes breathtaking anxiety, overwhelming fear….and an incredible amount  of perspective.

And gratitude.

In Lindsey’s own words:

On a positive note, this news has definitely made me appreciate every moment of every day.  We’ve realized the fragility of life as we know it.  Every moment that we get to see her or spend with her is a gift.  I get up in the morning and I don’t have to make her breakfast; I GET to make her breakfast.  I don’t have to do her hair; I GET to do her hair.  This morning, she ate a chocolate granola bar and came to me to get cleaned, and I actually paused to think how lucky I was to have that moment with her.  She was smiling and happy but messy…and I GOT to clean her face and her hands.   We spent the entire day in our PJs listening to music and dancing and playing together.  Today, I GOT to do that.  🙂

So while you are with your kids today, whether it’s 5 minutes or 5 hours….please take a moment {or several} to remind yourself that you GET to be with them. And please take a moment to donate if you can, and sign the petition {because you all can}.

And please, please, don’t stop praying/sending healing vibes/love/well wishes.

Your efforts do not go unappreciated. Thank You!

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