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I Believe In Holidays {And Was Born For It}

I felt pretty lucky growing up – it’s not like we took an insane amount of holidays but we did get to enjoy a few great ones and some fun getaways. Perhaps that’s where my love for them started. My parents owned their own business, and as such it was not a typical 9-5 work day. My dad worked in the field {finishing carpenter} from 6am-6pm 6 days a week and then came home to the in-house office to finish paperwork – usually until at least 10pm. My mom did the office work and invoices, etc. after my dad finished his portion. She was lucky in the sense that she could work her office hours around the other things going on in her day. But make no mistake – she was always busy. I never grew up feeling like I didn’t see my parents – because I did. I spent some days at the job site with my dad when I was younger, they came to my softball games and wrestling matches {in fact one of my fondest childhood memories is looking up to see my dad’s beaming face of pride seconds after I had won the gold medal match at a wrestling tournament}, plays I was in, and any other events I was involved in. They always made the effort…{for my brother as well}.

But of all my childhood memories, it’s holidays that hold the most value to me. It didn’t matter if it was a weekend getaway, a week of camping, or two weeks at a tropical resort. Being able to escape together, leave everything else behind, and just make memories as a family was/is priceless. I mean, the week after returning was always extra crazy for my dad {something always went wrong when we were gone}, but during our time away none of that mattered.

Taken in Dominican Republic, 1990 *This photo is up in my kitchen*

I remember laying by the beach or pool, building sand castles with my dad, swimming all day long, enjoying fun excursions, and more – and really being able to have my parents at any moment. We loved being together and were able to experience some awesome trips. A few years ago my cousin said that she was *Born To Holiday* – and I couldn’t agree more. Both about her and me….it’s precisely how I feel.

I was born for it.

Taking holidays, big and small, was a big part of my growing up – and now I feel lucky to offer my kids the same experiences. Of our nearly 10 years of marriage, Brent spent 7 in school – while working and having kids. Holidays have been incredibly important to him for the rejuvenation and, although he’s an incredibly hands on dad, it also gives him the opportunity to really focus on JUST us. I can focus on him and on our kids – we all love it and become closer as a result.

So if I have the chance to spend money on my kids, I’d rather go on a holiday/getaway than buy more STUFF. Don’t get me wrong, they love toys and certainly have their share {more than}, but I’m hoping to instill in them less value on THINGS and more value on TIME. I want our summers to be spent camping or outside in the pool, with friends and family and lots of fun. Or at a Beach house where we can really sink into vacay living. I love the idea of spending Winter Holidays at tropical resorts, though honestly – being able to escape, even just 30 minutes away to my mother in law’s is also getaway enough and something we all look forward to.


Taken at the Barcelo Maya Beach, 2011 *Not Brent's best photo, but I like how I look in it lol*

We love to holiday – which is precisely why even before taking one holiday I am busy dreaming of and planning the next. As I’ve mentioned previously, our 10th anniversary is coming up, and I have NO idea what we’re going to do. But it’ll definitely be a vacation of some sort – with the kids – because it’s what we do best.

I believe in time together – whether it be a tropical resort, a beach house, camping, or even just setting up the tent and camping in the backyard. I believe in taking time away from the every day….making memories and having fun. And as we are currently purging and simplifying the contents of our house {it’s insane what you can accumulate in 10 years}, we are more determined than ever to make getaways an even bigger focus for our family.

It’s one of the biggest reasons I look forward to doing more travel reviews – besides being able to experience more places and tell my fabulous readers {that’s you} about them, the opportunity to get away and make more memories and strengthen our family relationships is invaluable to me.

Taken at Ptarmigan Village in Whitefish, 2012 *Playing Shark in the pool*

Big plans ahead…yes we just returned home from a week in Whitefish, but don’t forget, before we even went I was busy planning what would come next. haha.

How do you build and strengthen your family relationships?




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