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Boogie Wipes *’Tis The Season*

I was lucky enough in January of last year to review Boogie Wipes – and now with winter upon us again I can’t stop thinking about this fabulous product. As mentioned in my original post I am the *snot police* – if I see it, I can’t leave it. It’s that simple. And as a result, whenever either of my kids gets a cold, their poor little noses seem to be ripped to shreds by regular kleenex. Boogie Wipes were a HUGE life saver – especially the Grape flavour my son loved so much!

Don’t worry if grape isn’t your scent of choice – Boogie Wipes also come in Menthol, Fresh Scent, and of course, Unscented. And they come in 3 fantastic sizes – On the Run (10 wipes), Regular (30 wipes), and their new (and fantastic) Canister (90 wipes)!!!

And right now, Boogie Wipes is sponsoring a fantastic contest – the Snot Your Average Kid Search – where the winning child will be featured on the new 90 count Canisters. 🙂

Entrepeneurs at heart, Mindee and Julie were always looking for new ways to help support their own families while staying involved and present in their kids’ lives. It was that desire that led to the idea of a Boogie Wipe. Invented in 2007, Boogie Wipes were the solution to their kids’ runny, red noses. They tried EVERYTHING – from saline spray, bulb syringes, and regular dry tissue. Certain there had to be a better way, they spent months on market research which resulted in an answer *as plain as the nose on their faces* – A saline-infused moist wipe that comforts chapped, sore noses WHILE dissolving mucus. (I know – why didn’t WE think of that!!!). Since their first order in December of 2007, Boogie Wipes has found *the smell of sweet success selling in 30,000 retail stores nationwide*!!!  They are right – These are ‘Snot Your Average Wipe’ – hahaha, that still makes me laugh 😀

Want some Boogie Wipes for yourself? You can buy them directly on the site, at Diapers.com, Amazon.com, Drugstore.com, and for a limited time, Costco.com

Trust me, those little noses will thank you!

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