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My REAL body…

As mentioned in my last post, I achieved my goal of not just wearing a bikini on holiday, but feeling comfortable in it. I felt comfortable to begin with, but what was so awesome to realize once we got to our resort was that NOBODY CARES!!!! There are all body types in one pieces, bikinis, tankinis, and speedos….and everyone is there to enjoy themselves…nobody cares! And for once in my life I didn’t either. I haven’t worn a bikini since our honeymoon 8 years ago and only once before that about a year prior. But for the first time, I just didn’t *worry* about it….and of course it helps that my husband thought I looked great! But I felt it too, so it was easier to believe him.

Sitting on the beach, there were lots of different body types as I mentioned. And yes, there were lots of girls in cute swimsuits with cute, seemingly *perfect* bodies. Iknow I’m not one of them and that’s okay!

But here is my body….my REAL body….not edited in any way…this is me….and you know what, I worked hard to get here and to feel comfortable where I’m at. So I am going to celebrate. Some people may look at these photos and think they would never wear a bikini if they looked like this…and that’s okay. I may have even been one to say it years ago too. But I’m proud of this body and what it looks like (even if walking created a jiggling effect. lol) and proud of myself for doing what I said I was going to AND for putting in the work to get here.

Here I am…This is me…I did it. And I’ll do it again 🙂

p.s. I have NO idea why my head is cut off in the one photo….my face is wacky anyways so it’s not a huge deal…but I can’t seem to fix it. le sigh


**I’ll admit to being tempted to edit this photo (with the *) because initially I didn’t love the little poke of my tummy, but you know what…THIS is me! I’m embracing it**

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