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Surfing Competition Cocoa Beach

For the past while I have been *dreaming* plans up of taking the family somewhere to watch a surf competition. Brent and I have discovered a real love for the beach (I always knew I had it…but May’s trip to Mission Beach put it in full force) and think it would be so fun to watch a surfing competition….Brent would love to take lessons and get good – I’m a disappointing wife and am much too chicken (there are sharks in that water!!!) so have no plans of joining him. But how fun would it be to watch a real competition?!!

I happened upon this one on Cocoa Beach in Florida – during Easter break which works perfectly with kids in school and such. Plus, I love Florida and haven’t been there since I was a kid – I’d say I’m due for a visit back 🙂

So THIS is where I want to go….rent a beach house (would love one with a pool), get some friends together, and just have a great time in the sun! It would be awesome…and while it’s not too likely to happen, I’m willing to just tuck it into my dreams for now 🙂

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