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Hotwire got my cousin and I through a 3 week road trip in California about 6 years ago, and I know we’ve both used it several times since then. So when I decided to stay over in Calgary the night before my flight, it was the only place I checked.

I searched for hotels near the Calgary airport and, finding one under $100, booked right away. I had never heard of the Applause hotel but from what I could tell in my google search, it seemed nice.

The truth is, while I’m an easy sell for my hotel wins, I was blown away. It was stunning!

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Photo from website

The outside is new and modern looking, but really it was the inside that got me all smitten.

From the fun carpets {I told you I’m an easy sell haha}:

applause hotel yyc airport these are your days santa barbara hotwire

To the Gorgeous Room {complete with bedside tic tacs!}:

clique hotels and resorts applause hotel these are your days yyc calgary airport santa barbara year of me made to holiday

You can see a bit of it in the photo above, plus the LED light control remote for the


applause hotel glowing beds yyc airport these are your days santa barbara hotwire

Seriously – glowing beds! How cool is that!?

And then the luxury bathroom *swoon*:

clique hotels and resorts applause hotel yyc calgary airport luxury bathrooms these are your days year of me santa barbara made to holiday

Yes I should have removed the white towel from the shower door {covers eyes}, but check it out….luxury shower, complimentary toiletries {two toothbrushes, two loofas, makeup remover wipe, shower cap, etc} ~ I can honestly say I’ve never before taken so many things from a hotel haha,  fluffy white oversized bath towels, a ridiculously comfortable bath robe that I slept in, and a fabulous tv to watch whilst in the shower.


And then the gym ~ I absolutely love a hotel workout and this was no different:

applause hotel gym yyc airport these are your days santa barbara hotwire

Considering I haven’t been to the gym since {gasps}, I am sure glad I took the opportunity while there!

**My son is really wanting to stay at this hotel because of the glowing beds, but for those also considering the same, it’s worth noting there are just two hot tubs and no pool. I really think it’s intended to be more of an adults only hotel**


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