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{My} Happiness Project ~ Secrets of Adulthood #thesearethedays #happinessproject

Okay, so I have my list of 12 Commandments – the rules to remember while I work to achieve each month’s resolutions. Next I wanted to list my Secrets of Adulthood. Once again, I liked Gretchen’s list, but for obvious reasons didn’t copy it. {ie. plagerizing her book is not only illegal, but also isn’t going to help me in this process}.

So, while I kept a few of the ones she had on her list, this list is genuine and specific to me and my life.

Here are some things I’ve learned ~ My Secrets to Adulthood.

1. It’s okay to miss things

2. You are capable (or more specifically, I am capable)

3. You don’t have to agree to be supportive

4. It’s okay to be different

5. People don’t notice your mistakes as much as you think

6. Trust your instincts

7. Helping doesn’t always help

8. It feels good to get the dishes done

9. You can’t do it all (and shouldn’t try)

10. Be the kind of friend you want to have

11. Hibernating has its place

12. Stained clothes are good for playing

13. Dress for the weather

14. When in doubt, fill up with gas

15. You don’t have to get mad to make a point

16. What you want matters

17. Cleaning the bathroom doesn’t take as long as you think

18. Anxiety is real

19. Sometimes all you need to do is listen

20. Dress the way you want to feel

21. Friends and Memories are more important than things

I feel like I could go on and on…the more I’m thinking about it, the more ideas come to my mind. But for now, I think this list is sufficient. In fact, each one I thought of made me smile.

What things would be on your *Secrets to Adulthood* list?

**Disclosure: I bought this book impulsively in September and read it on my own. I am not affiliated with Gretchen Rubin (though just from this book, I totally think she’s awesome), and none of my posts come with compensation. As always, all opinions are my own.**

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