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Keeping It Real #thesearethedays #itsbikinitime

I did it again! I sported a bikini on our Mexican vacay, and despite not being as fit as I’d like to be, I rocked it anyways.

Even when Jonah giggled and said *Mom, your tummy looks like a mouth*. #yesihaverolls

I don’t have a *perfect* body, and there are still improvements to be made. But it’s mine….my body…and I love it. I love my shape, and the way I look….and I loved finally wearing all my cute bikinis too.

So, to really keep it real – here is a straight on photo….This is me….this is my body. And even though it’s not perfect, I can still love it.

IMG_0092IMG_0098But, it doesn’t mean I can’t also execute the *tummy tuck* in photos too:

IMG_0173IMG_0459Well, there you have it. Love it or hate it….it is what it is.

I’m choosing to love it…at the same time as choosing to change it. But in the meantime, I’m still going to rock it! #rockyourbody

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