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These Are The Days {and a new look} #thesearethedays #makingmemories

Have you noticed the changes? I mean, they are kind of hard to miss. lol But I must visit my blog 5 times a day JUST to look at it.

I am in LOVE with the new design {from Peaches and Cream Designs}. IN LOVE.

Wanting a new design is the easy part….deciding what exactly you want is a whole different ball game. I am indecisive at best – so the conversation sort of goes like this:

Um, I like bright colours and the beach. So yeah, what can you do with that?


I mean, don’t get me wrong – it was a LOT of back and forth. I couldn’t necessarily say what I didn’t like about certain drafts, only that it wasn’t *it*. I also, on initial viewing, wasn’t sure this was the background I wanted. But then I couldn’t picture anything else. Bright, Cheery, Fun, but simple. And I looooooove it.


And could it be any more of an accidental miracle that our recent family photos coordinate perfectly? Seriously – so not planned but so so awesome. {Just a wee shout out to my incredible cousin, Radelle of Eternal Reflections Photography, for stepping out of her niche of weddings and taking these fab images for us. If you are getting married or know someone who is – anywhere – BOOK HER! I don’t just love her because she’s my cousin – I love her because she’s amazing. at everything she does. especially photos. and being one of my dearest friends.}

Seriously, book her.

Okay, back to this. Why the name change? I’ll try and make this quick. {ha, no I won’t}. I love doing giveaways – really I do. And have lots of ideas for future events and such. But the truth is this – it all came down to this one thing – I don’t want to give away STUFF.

I want to give away opportunities. Opportunities for MEMORIES. I don’t just want to blog about the things we are doing, but inspire you to MAKE the time to do things too. Make more memories instead of have more stuff.

Because, no matter where you are in life – 20’s, 40’s, married, single, with children, without children, grandparents, etc. THESE ARE THE DAYS.

These are YOUR days. And I want you to make the most of them – while we are busy trying to do the same. It’s not about stuff or things. It’s about time and memories. Whether you are raking in the dough, barely scraping by, somewhere in between….on vacation, in school, running ragged with young children, work, life, or in the hospital with a loved one – you are being given opportunities to make memories. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

But mostly the good.

So let’s celebrate those. Feel free to link up on twitter with the hashtag #theseareyourdays.

THESE ARE THE DAYS….let’s make the most.

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