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Easter Simplified #makingmemories

I have a habit of going overboard. It’s so easy to justify getting the kids many different things because *they will just love it*…but before you know it, you have overfilled and overindulgent gift baskets, with items that get lost, broken, or simply forgotten about within a short period of time. Our kids are 8 and 5…we know this story all too well. And we are committed to making a change.

Keeping this in mind, we were able to *inform Santa* to follow suit at Christmas. Their stockings were practical and fun – the perfect combination! 

Easter was no different. We sent word to the Easter Bunny and we were all thrilled with what was given. The kids were thrilled to get a couple of Littlest Pet Shop, Kinder eggs, some jelly beans {in the plastic eggs}, mini eggs, and a DVD. And we were thrilled that it wasn’t overkill, were things the kids love, AND that they got the same items {different videos obviously}.


Brooklyn’s *basket* of goodies


Jonah’s *basket* of goodies

{Yes he likes Littlest Pet Shop and yes he likes Barbie movies}


The best part about it? The kids totally felt SPOILED ROTTEN! They didn’t need a million different things – we don’t have a bunch more *stuff* in the house, AND we got to snack on their mini eggs!


Do you tend to go overboard or have you managed to reign it in a bit?

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