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Yep, Still Sewing #makingmemories #brothercanada

I am nearing end of the loan period for the Dreamweaver XE that was sent to me by Brother Canada. And honestly,

I DON’T WANNA GIVE IT BACK!  **Stomps Foot**

And also, my friends and I are sewing the crap out of it – and loving every minute. We have already made embroidered shirts, 3 dresses, 1 skirt1 appliqued shirt, bound a quilt, and are currently in the middle of quilting another small quilt. PLUS – There are about 3 other quilts planned for this machine {assuming I’m able to keep it forever a wee bit longer}, more skirts, ties for the boys, and of course – some clothes for Brooklyn’s American Girl doll. Not to mention the projects we add to our list on a daily basis.

We need help.

Actually, when Brent and I win the lottery {lots of pipe dreams in this head}, I plan to turn our current home into a sewing retreat…set up with all you’d need. Seriously, wouldn’t that be AWESOME!!! And then I would invite, Merrick, Leanne, and Maggie out for some incredible sewing fun!  *Swoon*

Somebody stop me – I’m giddy as though that dream is already happening. Sigh

Okay, back to the real point of this post…..our latest project is quilting a baby quilt. My friend’s mother in law put the top together and then stopped. So we {ie my friends and I} have the fun task of quilting it together and binding it. And yes, we are making her do it – part of learning this machine is seeing how easy it is for others as well. There is a learning curve with a machine of this magnitude – and so far we are all doing just swell. This friend of mine is not a regular sewer – it’s not something she is normally comfortable with, but she is doing great. Using a technique called *stitch in the ditch*, she is quilting this together like a pro! And gaining confidence as she does. Win/Win! And as an added bonus, I just picked up the actual *stitch in the ditch* foot, to see how it improves the ease of this technique. I mean, I can’t be the only one who wonders if all the different *feet* are necessary {so far, just for the record, my opinion is YES! More on that another time}.

Here’s the start:


It’s almost completed…photos to follow!

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