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Not Blue JAY… #christmaspresentfail #makingmemories

About 6 weeks before Christmas I messaged my sister in law and asked what her and my brother wanted for Christmas. Here’s what she wrote:

Lanny would probably like a new plain black, grey or navy blue hat? I could use some comfy slippers or socks w grips? We r both trying to increase our bluejay collection and lanny always loves a ps3 game!

blue jays

Now, I like to give meaningful gifts…gifts that the recipient loves. So, from this message, the part that stuck out to me was the Blue Jay collection. I mean, PS3 games are fun and all, but we’ve already given that {and gift cards for them} before….and hats can be tricky to buy FOR someone. So we went full force for the Blue Jay items.

Which isn’t easy where we live.

We scoured the city on more than one occasion, and FINALLY, on the last possible shopping day for us, we found two Blue Jays tshirts. I was SO excited. I thought it may not be the most ideal {if I had known how tricky it would be, I’d have ordered something awesome online}, but at the very least they could get decked out to watch the games with friends.

So, we open our presents. Roberta goes first and opens the shirt and with a straight face musters a weak nod of appreciation. Not rude at all, but I was immediately skeptical.

Me: Is that right? That’s what you wanted right?

Her: {shakes head}

Me: That’s what you asked for right?

Her: Hmmm….nope….

Me: What? You did so…in the facebook message

Her: {again, not rude} Nope, I hate baseball.

Me: {now I’m panicking} – WHAT??!!! You said it..in the message..you said you were trying to increase your Blue Jay collection.

{now she’s confused lol}


So, she brings up the messages on her phone and starts to laugh.

Her: Oh, haha, I did write Blue Jay….but stupid autocorrect…I meant Blue RAY {blu-ray}.


Cue HUGE amounts of laughter….and a story that will go down in the Christmas books. {Oh and I also got her a pair of slippers, as actually suggested, but got the wrong size….Major Christmas Present Fail…}. And the worst part about it – they got us AWESOME gifts!

Blue Jay Collection {shakes head}

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