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4 Great Kitchen Colors For Your Beach Home

**Guest Post by Jane Fitzgerald – a writer for Glass Tile Warehouse**

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Because a beach house is typically viewed as a place for people to get away and relax, designing and decorating a beach house can be a lot of fun, and you can use some colors that you wouldn’t typically get to use as much in a normal home. The kitchen is of course the most common meeting ground, and you want your design and color to compliment the vibe of the beach house. Here are a few ways to make sure your beach house creates the perfect ambiance.

Earthy Tones
A kitchen with earthy tones that match the beach will bring the beach inside. A beach house that blends in with the sand and water is a dream for sea lovers. This is a traditional choice and can be beautiful as the earthy tones contrast crisp white. Neutrals never go out of style and are a choice that will look great for years to come.

These tones create an ambiance of a calm retreat. The kitchen layout should include space for a dining table for traditional family meals. Because of the traditional family feel, the layout includes ample counter space for preparation.

Four Points and Resorts

Blue is a traditional beach house paint color. Blue is associated with feeling calm, which is exactly what you want when sitting on the beach watching the sunset. Choices of blue range from cobalt to a hint of a blue mist and each one brings the ocean feel into the kitchen. Extending the wall paint color to the ceiling causes the room to feel larger and more open.

If you are working with a small kitchen area, you have to make good use of the available space. Leave kitchen windows uncovered, as the brightness will create an open feel. You can also use walls for storage space by attaching plate racks. Track lighting over big, bulky fixtures creates more open air.

A sunny yellow kitchen is a great choice for a beach house. Yellow is warm and calming and will give your beach house a sunny personality. A buttery kitchen makes all who spend time there feel welcome and at home.

In a yellow kitchen, big or small, you want to create a happy working flow. Often two parallel counters are a layout that fits in any kitchen and create the ultimate convenience. Everything is within reach. The layout compliments the sunny feel by creating a space that conveniently fits a large crowd, while keeping everything at arm’s length.

Daniel Hurst Photography

 Turquoise & Yellow
A beach house is a great place to use bright, unique color combinations. The vibe of bright colors together creates a fun kitchen atmosphere. Turquoise and yellow is a great color combo that is both playful and modern.

You may consider painting your kitchen cabinets to bring in more color to the kitchen, but just keep in mind that this is a big decision and someday you may actually want the look of natural wood cabinets again. You can make a statement and bring in a lot of color to the kitchen just by painting the walls a bright color.

The kitchen is the place where fun activities should be planned from sun up to sun down. The kitchen layout should provide ample seating and easy bar seating for relaxed meals. Make sure there is good traffic flow and open exits for people to come and go. With the fun relaxed vibe, you will want to make sure the fridge is easy to access. Keep the layout open for high traffic.

 *photos courtesy of Daniel Hurst Photography and Four Points and Resorts*

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