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Shower Gift Idea For The Baby Boys! {A #Sewing #Tutorial}

A friend of mine recently had twin boys – yes, she is busy…and yes it’s an adjustment…and yes she had lots of help {yay to big families and super helpful inlaws}…and yes she LOOOOOOOVES it! Truth is, she is about the 10th person I know to have twins and they ALL say it’s awesome.

She also has a 4 year old son who is enjoying being able to love on his two baby brothers – who are arguably the easiest babies you could ask for {and I had GREAT babies}. They are adorable and sweet and so much fun to cuddle and hold. And I seriously adore them.

Months ago {around Easter} there was talk of having a shower for her {with twins you need twice as much, you know!} and I knew just what I wanted to do. I was ordering fabric anyways for some dresses and skirts I want to make for Brooklyn, so took the opportunity to browse for some *boyish* ones for the project I had in mind.

I decided on these two fat quarter bundles from Stitch Stash Diva:

Bermuda Remix Bundles

Celebration Remix Bundle

I know – aren’t they adorable!!! I love buying fabric on etsy – particularly for me, being in Canada, the price difference is HUGE. Plus, being easily overwhelmed by multiple fabric options {I love fabric stores – in person and in real life}, I love being able to purchase already bundled sets. Saves me soooo much time 🙂

My project was fairly easy – and honestly, fit for even the most basic sewer. I say this in all confidence, as I am not much more than a basic sewer, myself. We’ve all seen them, and in my experience, everyone thinks they are adorable. And being able to make them for the twins in coordinating fabrics was something I was SO excited for. I love tie onesies, and knew that my friend would get a lot of use out of them with church each week.

Her boys were 3 months old at the time of the party, so I picked up size 6 month onesies 🙂 They were 3 for $9 at Walmart {awesome} and I bought two sets….which turned out to be a good thing because I totally ruined two! #sewingmistakes

**Don’t forget to wash the fabric AND the onesies before cutting or sewing. Trust me, it makes a difference – a mistake I once made with pyjama pants for myself….sigh, #neveragain**

I used one of Jonah's old ones as a template

cut each tie out, position them on the onesies and pinned. Put a book or cardboard inside the onesie to prevent from pinning the front and back together lol

Aaaand....start sewing! {I used a basic straight stitch}

It's seriously THAT easy!

I made their older brother a coordinating *big boy* tie as well. I couldn't resist and LOVE how the set turned out {I forgot to take photos of the second set...though I love it too}

 The pattern for the *big boy* tie was purchased from Make It And Love It! This pattern was straight forward and easy to understand – though for this specific project I skipped the felt and double sided fusible web steps {as a result of buying the wrong kind of fusible web…sigh} and honestly prefer this finished project to the original ones I made for Jonah in February. I also modified the sizing a bit to accommodate for a longer tie – realizing that these ones are actually a bit too short for Jonah. {Still, I love them}

Two of the SIX I pumped out in one day {tellin’ ya – super easy intructions!}

Such a fun and easy way to take something fun and unique – and handmade with love – to a baby shower.

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