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The Calgary Zoo {The Good}

While on a recent trip to Calgary for some training Brent had, the kids and I spent one of the days at The Calgary Zoo. A favorite place of mine since I was a child, though I haven’t been since Brooklyn was about 9 months old. Every year I plan to take the kids, and every year goes by without making it happen.

But now we’ve done it. And it was awesome. I admit, there is an element of me that’s not in love with the idea of animals in cages…it never seems to be a great re-creation of their *home*….and the size always seems sooo miniscule. And yet, for some of these animals {most actually, particularly after years in captivity} it’s a happy reality to what they could be facing. And I realize if they had mass amounts of land to wander, we’d be paying *on the off chance* we’d get to see something. So I realize it’s not completely realistic.

I mean, except we plan a safari {which I would LOVE} when else will my kids have access to seeing Tigers? We were there early in the morning which was nice – we got to see the animals before they got too annoyed at all the people around. lol

There were so many things about the Zoo that I loved. I mean, the kids loved EVERYTHING, and that made it more amazing, but there were some things I saw perhaps a little more objectively. For this post though, let’s focus on the good. And there was a lot 🙂

Naturally, these two animals are my fave!


This little monkey had us all giggling – he was certain he would find something good outside of the cage

And he would not give up...

The Snow Leopards are so pretty...

My favorite monkey photo - looks like he's taking in some morning yoga 😉

Photo doesn't do it justice at all....but I love when the peacock shows off! And I love that it's an animal that can wander freely 🙂

Alice the Camel has Two humps! Pretty boring but neat to see - especially since my mother in law and brother in law have both ridden one {Mongolia}

Loved seeing this staff bring out a flamingo to join with the rest. She/He couldn't get out of her arms fast enough!

Not difficult to guess which one hogs all the shrimp

Pink's a good colour for him/her, don't you agree?

These bats are HUGE!

The Butterfly Garden - the kids LOVED it here!

I love butterflies - but I love Palm Trees even more! *colour me happy*


Can you see this little guy? I love greenery....so beautiful

Oh beautiful orchids - isn't this breathtaking?


LOVED this feature - a viewing window of all the different species of butterflies the Zoo is *harvesting* {totally wrong word but you get it}. It was so neat to see the different cocoons

Some of the cocoons, just waiting to *hatch*


One waiting at the bottom to be set free!

Ahhh the penguins!

So fun to see them under water too!

Surf's Up! 😉

Loved this little viewing window. Perfect size for Jonah - he clearly loved it too!

We LOVED the Zoo and had a great day. Before we knew it, it had been FOUR hours – and the kids were definitely ready to leave. It’s a lot of walking, and they did great – the Ice Cream Pit Stop didn’t hurt {though the price did a little lol}

**Disclosure: I visited The Calgary Zoo on my own dime during a recent trip to Calgary.

None of my visit nor my resulting blog posts have been compensated in any way.

All in all I LOVE the zoo and the kids and I had a GREAT time!**

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