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A *Pinterest* Date A Day {Day Six}

Wow – life sure gets busy! But even though we’ve had lots going on, making it difficult to squeeze in our *pinterest* date, it doesn’t mean we haven’t spent time together. We’ve gone for bike rides, walks, played at the playground, cuddled, roasted marshmallows on the campfire, had a bbq with family, and more. We have had FUN!

But, as promised – to myself and you – I couldn’t wait to get back to doing these fun ideas from Pinterest. And Jonah sure loves our *fun activities* too.

My Homespun Threads {Original Source

I was certain this would be a fun kids activity and have visions of the four of us playing as a family. I couldn’t have predicted it better! It is fairly inexpensive to put together {I bought two pool noodles at the dollar store….but because there weren’t any marbles at the two I checked I spent *gasp* $5 per bag of specialty marbles. that hurts…I bought two bags} and easy too. We were able to cut the pool noodles with scissors, though the original source suggests a serrated knife. Take your pick ūüôā

All set up

We didn’t set it up like in the original post, but this worked out perfectly for the kids.

The first *launch*

They also decided not to do the *races*, sort of. Instead of racing marbles down, Jonah dropped them down the pool noodle and Brooklyn and her friend raced to see who could get it first at the bottom.


A little stretch before the game??

Brooklyn and her friend battling for the win

She got it first


They play this over and over…and over. Jonah had a couple of friends over this morning and they also loved it! They also may have stuck the pool noodles in the back of their pants and ran around in circles with long orange *tails* sticking out. Oh, the giggles!

This is one activity that memories are made of – Jonah even took it for his last preschool show n’ tell today! His class was in stitches watching the marbles roll into the next room! What a great and super simple activity!


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