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Scandle {A Candle Never Felt So Good}

I’ve been staring at it for weeks…My green tea aloe candle, from Scandle {kind of a mouthful, hey?}. Reading about it I couldn’t wait to try it out, but also wanted to wait until I could actually give it some real attention. I had to light it after all, and I have been known to forget about lit candles….did not want that to happen {blogger loses house in fire from review item. eek no thank you}.

I often took the lid off to smell it – so clean and fresh, anticipating trying it out for the first time. Well, in the word’s of Rod Stewart, “Tonight’s The Night.”

The Original Scandle Body Candle, a fragrant candle infused with body safe fragrances or essential oil, is a candle that burns at 2 degrees above body temperature to produce a soothing and health body oil. The Scandle is perfect for massage, cuticle treatments for manicures/pedicures, or {the one I was most excited for} as an everyday moisturizer!


Alright – this was the real test….As per the instructions I let it burn for at least half an hour and failed to blow out the flame before pouring the wax in my hands. Excited I guess. It was really quite a sight – a little warmer than I expected {though not too warm}, not sure how much to pour, spilling down the side and onto the floor…and the table…and the blanket…ha!


I did need a cloth to wipe off the excess – naturally it was a bit greasy/oily {and would be PERFECT for a massage} but packed with moisture and my hands feel awesome. Particularly in the dry climate of Southern Alberta I live in {my poor hands} this will come in very handy. And, lucky for me – I slept wacky last night so have a kinked neck {not the lucky part}, so I will be enlisting Brent to use this to help fix it!

And there’s a new *limited time* spring scent of Japanese Cherry Blossom – oh I bet it smells divine!

Check out Scandle on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube aaaaand indulge in your very own by ordering from their website!

**Disclosure: I was sent the green tea aloe candle at no cost to faciliate this review.

All opinions are my own**

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