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Planning a Birthday Party {On a Budget}

How to Save Money on a Kid’s Birthday Party

The costs of throwing your child a birthday party can add up quickly. Balloons, cake, Super Mario party supplies, and party favors are often just the beginning of what you have to spend money on to make sure your child’s birthday party is a hit. If your family lives on a budget, a birthday party can seem hard to fit in on top of everything else you have to pay for. However, you probably don’t want to disappoint your child and dramatically downsize their party this year. Here are some tips to help you throw an amazing birthday party for your child on a budget:


1. Throw the party at your house.

The kids might love laser tag or playing the games at Chuck E. Cheese’s, but throwing a party outside of your home means extra costs. There’s no reason the kids can’t have just as much fun at your house as they could at an ice skating rink or other kids’ party hotspot.


2. Only invite your child’s closest friends.

There’s no need to invite the whole 1st grade class. Keeping the party small means that you’ll be able to spend less money on food and party favors. Plus, your child will probably appreciate just having his or her closest friends there. A small, intimate party is usually more fun for everyone involved.


3. Look for online discounts on party supplies.

You can find a lot of good deals online on party plates, utensils, napkins, and decorations. Take advantage of these deals to save some money.


4. Skip the clown.

Clowns and moon bounces aren’t necessary. If you set up games and activities for the party, the kids will stay occupied, have fun, and not miss the extras.


5. Have the kids make their own favors.

You could let the kids make their own Play-Doh, or you could have them spend some time drawing or painting pictures. At the end of the party, they can take their creations home as favors, which will save you from having to spend extra cash on little plastic toys and party favor bags.

 Staying within your means when you throw a child’s birthday party isn’t always easy. However, putting forth some effort to figure out creative ways to cut costs can do you a lot of good.


About the Author: Lisa is a mother and guest blogger who writes about saving money,

parenting, and throwing children’s birthday parties.


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