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Ferrero Rocher {Advertising Works, My Friends}

Getting in line at Wal-mart when Brooklyn spotted the *Ferrero Rocher* section at the end of a nearby till.

*Oh Please Mom!!! Ferroro Rocher!!! Can we PLEASE get some…PUH-LEEEEEZE?!*

And you know, my instinct was to not get them, but the little pack of 3 was just 0.98 – a totally fun impulse splurge that made.her.day.

I zip over to the display and while grabbing one I say jokingly, *What, just because you saw it on TV you think you HAVE to have it?*

Like they dropped from heaven

*Yep* she agrees and then as her anxious little hands hold the beloved chocolates she continues (in a suddenly soft and commercialized voice),

*Ferrero Rocher…Could there be a more divine creation?*


Then she goes on to tell me that *Even the Gods love them*.

Advertising works my friends…and our children are paying attention!

(it gets better)

While eating their chocolates at home, both kids start mimicking the commercial and eating them with their eyes closed. Because, after all, that’s what the chocolates make you do.They are THAT good.


oh so good

can't get enough


**On another note, Ferrero Rocher has a*Divine Taste Experience* contest going on right now on their website! You can also show your support for these *divine creations* on Facebook and Twitter**

**Between this and our Cover Girl experience, I’m thinking she could havequite the advertising/commercial career. lol**

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