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Boogie Wipes *’Snot Your Average Wipe*

As I have discussed a few times before on here, I am ruthless when it comes to snot. If I see a runny nose, I can’t just leave it. I just can’t…I have to get it. Too many times my kids little noses have been raw and red from being wiped multiple times. It’s always so sad, but I just can’t leave them with snotty faces. *ick*

I am always thrilled when I learn of a company that carries products making my life easier. Boogie Wipes is just such a company. My kids no longer go running the other direction covering their poor red noses. In fact, with the fabulous scents of Boogie Wipes, it’s so easy to distract them into coming right over….what do these ones smell like? They LOVE them!


And so will you! Boogie Wipes has generously offered one lucky winner a fabulous NEW 90 Count Canisters (sold at Costco for a limited time) – in either Grape or Fresh!



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