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Scentsy – Plug-In Giveaway

I know – how awesome is this!!! Ending one Scentsy giveaway and starting another!

You may remember my recent Scenty Post (one of many) and remember that I started with Scentsy a couple of years ago when a friend in the US was doing an online party. I had the order shipped to another friend in the USA and was able to pick it up while on vacay visiting! I love when I take someone’s word for a product and it works out so well. I LOVE my Scentsy and am so glad I placed that order when I did. I literally get excited when it’s time to switch out my scent – and sift through my container (I have about 30 bars…host a party, it’s sooooo worth it!) trying to figure out which one suits my mood the most.

Plum Garland Full Size Warmer

I have a full size warmer in my kitchen, and two plug-in warmers for other rooms in the house. While I definitely love my full-sized warmer (and have had to show serious restraint to not purchase additional ones), I really love the plug-ins…I love that there isn’t a cord, they are smaller so work better in a more variety of locations….and I love that they seem so much more transportable (when really you can move any of them just as easily lol). While all warmers sell well, I know I have personally heard more interest in the plug-ins…and also have to show restraint to not buy more (it’s an addiction really lol).

Tea Rose Scentsy Plug In

Which is why I was SO excited when Kelsey Hutchinson, an Independent Scentsy Consultant, offered to provide one lucky winner with the Plug-In Warmer of their choice!!!

Would you like to know how to win??? alright, alright….here you go:


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