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Wedding Chicks Search By Colour *Website Feature*

Are you a bride looking for some inspiration for your upcoming wedding *extravaganza*? It can be so difficult to choose – you have to consider the season, obviously your favorite colours, and how certain combinations will mix with all the decor. And what kind of decor you want to really make the most of your colour selections – not to mention, as far as bridesmaids dresses go, you want to choose a colour that really compliments everyone (especially you!! lol).

Particularly now, weddings have so much style….couples are taking more time to plan the details, really making each part of their wedding a true representation of who they are and the things they love. And of course, finding a photographer who truly captures the essence of their day…their life beginning together…their love. I would love to get married again (to my huband, of course!) and be able to plan all the details…and really create a style for the day. And let’s be honest, for both the photographer and the bride – how amazing to be featured on a site like Wedding Chicks.

These moments were captured by the talented Jose Villa

In just 3 years, Wedding Chicks (Amy and Jocey) has branded itself as one of the most influential wedding sites on the web – sharing everything new, classic, funky, hip and just plain fun for weddings. Of course, they want to make sure your days are filled with inspiration and beauty as well. They want to help you find that perfect vendor and of course share all of the pretty things in their WC Shop (currently under construction).

But perhaps the most exciting, and most recent, is their new *search by colour* feature!!! I love this…for bridal showers, weddings, even baby showers or dinner parties with friends – you can find all the inspiration you need right there.  Find what you like, discover something you love or can’t live without….and run with it! Try something new – there are so many great ideas…so many incredible colours being used to *pop* and create that classic, one of a kind look. And now Wedding Chicks has really made the search easier. For example, check out some of this gorgeous purple inspiration:

Photography by Damaris Mia

Photography by Amy Squires & co.

Photography by Amy Squires and Lane Dittoe

Absolutely Stunning!

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 And the featured photographers:

Damaris Mia Website and Wedding Chicks Feature

Amy Squires & Co. Website (currently unavailable), Lane Dittoe Website and Wedding Chicks Feature #1 and Feature #2

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