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I don’t have any shoes…

Seriously I don’t. Not one pair. Well, let me explain before you think I’m about to walk around barefoot in our upcoming brutal Canadian winter.

I have about 10 pairs of heels, 3 pairs of flip flops (I LOVE my flops), and 2 pairs of *fake Uggs* (a la Walmart), my runners (for exercising), and that’s it. No shoes….so when I was getting ready for trick or treating, I went for the black pair of fake Uggs – on the way into the mall I happened to step on a rock that went RIGHT THROUGH. Not a problem you might think, until we were at a trunk or treat with a bunch of friends and the parking lot was wet from rain/hail/snow. Yep, my sock and foot were wet.

But I seriously have no shoes….so I am absolutely in the market for some. But where to start?

Here are some that I’ve found online so far that appeal to my feet:

From SoftMoc

Sue Black Hi Vamp Dress Shoe WAS $149.99 NOW $110

Adele Black Flat Slip Ons WAS $119.99 NOW $99.99

Out Sold Black Croco Comfort Slip $69.99

Un. Beam Black Slip On Casual $79.99

From Skechers

Sassies - Levity $52

Bikers - Dream Come True $52

Bikers Dream Come True - Brown $52

 From Toms Canada

Pink Pop Herringbone $65

Red Canvas Classic $55

Black Glitters $65


And because I would really love a *real* pair and have been eyeing these FOREVER!!! From Ugg Australia:

Classic Cardy Black $165


Bottom line: I NEED shoes…just one pair (though more is always more fun lol)….where do you buy yours? Pass along any and all suggestions  – Thanks in Advance!

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