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Costume Squad – Another Tshirt for the Men!

I’m not sure how Brent got so lucky…oh wait, I am, I passed  these tshirt review items to him! (Yep, Wife of the Year award!!!). I couldn’t pass up the opportunity, seeing as – as mentioned before – there aren’t as many reviews or giveaways on men’s items and of course his high school wardrobe is in need of some *ahem* help. So this was really fun.

Brent scoured Costume Squad for the perfect tshirt – and finally made his decision for the *More Cowbell* Tshirt from the *Funny Tshirts* section of their website. He says it’s from SNL – but I was never a big watcher so I don’t get it. Does that make me lame? (um, don’t answer that okay?)

Here’s another *headless* photo of Brent sporting the newest addition to his wardrobe!

It's nothing short of a miracle that he's simply standing still for the photo...

In short – HE LOVES IT! The quality and fit are fantastic…and it’s so nice to have yet another new tshirt for his wardrobe. Slowly but surely we are going to be eliminating the old *high school* pieces (hallelujah) – and with websites like Costume Squad it’s not only easy but affordable (under $20).

Take a minute to look through and see if there is something for you – With 80’s Tshirts, Girls Tshirts, Zombie Tshirts AND even Costumes you are certain to find something (or, lots of things as the case may be).What a great idea for a Christmas gift – everyone (specifically every GUY) loves a funny shirt! I know mine certainly does.


**Disclosure: The product in this review was provided to me free of cost for the purpose of this review.

The opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation**

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