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Frecklebox *Not Yet Personalized Children’s Book*

I’ve been a fan of Frecklebox since my daughter was sent her very own personalized book just over 2 years ago. We still love that book and I know that Brooklyn just loves seeing her name in print (especially since she started reading a year and a half ago).

When I received an e-mail telling me about their new *Not Yet* Personalized Book, I had to post about it. It immediately made me think of a friend who is due soon with her second child. Her daughter, now 3 often asks when the baby is coming. For the duration of her pregnancy my friend has been saying that when the snow comes, the baby will come. Of course a small trip into the mountains earlier this year confused her little one a bit when she saw all the snow, but they were able to dodge the situation and explain that they needed snow at THEIR house. So now, the wait is on!!! It won’t be long now and we are all anxious for this sweet bundle to join their family. And I know that Miss K is excited to be a big sister, and is probably looking forward to the snow more than anybody else ūüėČ

This book is adorable….and would be great as a stocking stuffer, birthday present, Easter or other holiday gift, etc. What a great way to make the *often agonizing* wait just a little more fun. Not to mention the magic when your child realizes this book is written about HER!

Check out Frecklebox for other fantastic personalized items such as puzzles, placemats, bookmarks, lunch boxes, colouring books, journals, and sooooo much more! And because it’s that time of year, take a minute (or two) to check out their special Holiday Gifts!! Who knows, you might just find everything you are looking for!!!

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