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Tim Hortons *A Date With My Girl Part II*

Well, after the library portion of our date, we set off to our local Cupcake Cafe – which unfortunately was closed….so we continued on to the next best thing….TIM HORTONS! My kids LOOOOOVE it…though you’d probably be humoured to know it’s not because of the donuts, but rather, the bagels (so good).

Because I am really trying to get my act together and go back to being Gluten Free, I ordered pretty much the only thing on the menu that qualifies – yogurt and berries. Have you had it? It’s not anything you can’t do at home, but for $1.99 it’s a really great snack to grab on the go. I love it and love that there is at least one gluten free option 🙂 I ordered Brooklyn a toasted bagel with plain cream cheese, a Chocolate Dip Donut (super spoily day!), AND a chocolate milk. She was in heaven!

Usually I get the kids the Everything bagel, though the new Cheese bagels are also a favourite…but today Brooklyn tried the Sundried Tomato, Parmesan and Asiago Cheese Bagel (I kind of just ordered it for her because it sounded so yummy) and it was DELICIOUS! Yes, of course I tried it (the things I do for the blog lol)…it was seriously so good. 

What a great way to finish off our afternoon together…even sitting IN Tim Hortons instead of going the drive thru route like normal!

One happy girl!

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