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Non-alcoholic Champagne? *Saskmade Marketplace*

I don’t drink. Ever. But the idea of cracking open a bottle of wine or champagne is so appealing to me. Often you will find a few bottles of non-alcoholic sparkling juice in our cupboards for parties, or just a quite night at home. I also have a girl’s night once a week (to watch Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice) where we like to indulge sometimes. 

One night, one of the girls brought a non-alcoholic champagne that her mother in law had given her. We were so excited to try a new kind and couldn’t get the bottle open fast enough. After the first sip we all stopped and had to know exactly what it was – Saskatoon Berry *Champagne* is seriously out of this world and one bottle was just a cruel tease. I quickly set to work to find out how and where we could get more.

Saskatoon Berry *Champagne* $10.50

I may have squealed with delight when I found it at Saskmade Marketplace – and my friends and I promptly put in an order. We could not wait for it to arrive, ordering more of the Saskatoon Berry, but also trying the Raspberry. Both were absolutely amazing and if I could have a year supply I’d be one happy girl. Next time I plan to try the Chokecherry as well.

Saskmade Marketplace is a Saskatchewan company, partnered with local farmers, processors and artisans to provide a wide range of unique, locally-produced food and non-food products to enrich your menu, your home and your wellbeing.

Well, it certainly does that!

So if you are looking for an alternative for yourself or perhaps company that might be coming – I can’t recommend these non-alcoholic champagnes enough. They are soooo delicious! AND, Saskmade Marketplace ships WORLDWIDE!

Great, now I’m salivating….

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