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Mexico Vacay *Jo Totes Camera Bag*

One of the things I was most looking forward to for our Mexico holiday was taking the nice camera, despite still not really knowing how to use it (ie. I still totally shoot on auto…). But the plane ride worried me….obviously this camera was not, under any circumstances, going to be put in my checked luggage….but how was I going to safely put it and my lenses in my purse or carry on bag?

When I won a Jo Totes Camera Bag  just a month or so before our trip I was ELATED! It was EXACTLY what I needed and quickly became my one and only carry on bag. Because it came with removable inserts *held in with really sturdy velcro* I was able to manipulate it to fit everything I needed (I always pack a swimsuit and a few *unmentionables* but they went into my husband’s carry on). So, in addition to my Camera and 3 lenses, my fabulous Jo Totes Camera Bag carried my wallet, lip gloss, sun glasses, husband’s sun glasses, husband’s wallet, bottle of water, 2 bottles of pop, ipod, earphones, and a few other random items. Plus it was still really easy to zip up, though as you can imagine was heavier than your average purse (let’s blame the camera for that one). But I LOVED it! I took it EVERYWHERE and loved being able to have the camera on me all the time and so accessible.

If you are contemplating a camera bag – I can’t recommend Jo Totes enough. The quality is undeniable and I absolutely love the colour and style of my Rose bag in Teal (though I’ve been eyeing the raspberry one as well…can a girl ever have too many camera bags???).

So here it is…my fabulous Jo Totes Camera Bag hanging out at the beach 🙂 Doesn’t *she* look pretty!

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