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The Gluten Free Lifestyle {Tortilla Shells}

We were having a friend over for dinner – Enchiladas have been one of my go-to meals for a long time now and since I’ve been wanting to try the gluten free tortilla shells anyways, I thought I’d stick with the usual 🙂

I made the entire pan as normal except I used the gluten free tortilla shells for 3 of the enchiladas.

Food for Life Gluten Free Tortilla Shells

The verdict? The taste was great – honestly I couldn’t tell a difference between these and whole wheat shells. The only downside is they fall apart and crumble fairly easily, so it’s not quite the same. With Enchiladas though, it’s not as important.

My cousin was visiting about a week ago and I made an omelet that we wrapped with these tortilla shells and some salsa. They were really good! So good in fact, that I bought another pack of the tortilla shells on my next grocery trip! They are definitely a little more expensive than regular shells, but it’s so worth it to me.

It’s a little scary for me to try new things of the Gluten Free variety, so it’s so nice when something I buy is a comparable alternative. I have yet to have a negative experience, though I have heard horror stories about some of the breads out there. I’ll be extra careful when I venture into bread territory 😉

Anyways, I think the Food for Life Gluten free tortilla shells are excellent and worth trying! Besides,  how could I resist this:

Now I don’t have to 😀

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