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My family strikes again!

It’s a tradition in my family for the aunties to write a song for every major occasion. It is always the highlight of the event and something we all look forward to. You might remember the post I shared with the video of them singing to my Uncle Bob – it was initially written when they visited him in the hospital, and then added to for Christmas when they all got to be together to celebrate. There is truly never a dull moment when my family is around and I have always been so grateful for the fun we have. I seriously have the BEST family.

My mom’s 60th birthday was NO exception. A good portion of the family was coming together to celebrate my cousin’s wedding and I thought it would be perfect to do a little surprise shin dig for my mom the following day. It was 6 weeks after her birthday, but I had a special gift for her (will blog about later when I have photos) and knew it would mean a lot to her to have everyone there. My aunties (in fact, my whole family) did not disappoint! Here is the FABULOUS song they sang (2 aunts were missing as they were on a cruise!) to my FABULOUS mom, celebrating 60 (yep, you guessed it) FABULOUS years.(My aunt Glenda (first one on the left) wrote it…it was PERFECT!)

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