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California Trip – Monterey {The Boardwalk}

We had so much fun walking along The Boardwalk in Monterey! Seeing the palm trees swaying in the light breeze next to the palm trees did my heart good.

Two of my favorite things 🙂

Being so close to the water was so relaxing….the warmth of the day (for us Canadians anyways) made the day perfect and gave it that true *vacation* feeling.

We saw a really fancy hotel that we just HAD to stop and check out. We gave our kids the appropriate *best behavior* talk and away we went. It was really beautiful and the Christmas tree in the sitting room was a fun touch! (There’s something about ship wheels (helms) that I love). On our way out, Radelle turned back and in her *fancy* voice asked, “Did you get what you needed from the room?” – Haha…gotta have a little fun – she’s awesome!




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