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California Trip – Wipeout Bar and Grill

After the Aquarium we took a stroll along Pier 39 to see what else there was. Walking by the Wipeout Bar and Grill we both agreed it was time to eat. And seriously – a surf based restaurant is so our kind of place! The atmosphere was laid back and fun, the staff was friendly, and the food great! The kids – a little crazy! LOL Actually, they were really good and ate really well, though as is typical for 3 year old boys…definitely got a little *energetic* shall we say, towards the end. I’m pretty sure my daughter joined in on the *fun* too. LOL

Time to move on!!!  Walking along the Pier is amazing…with the water right there, all the shops….all the people bundled in their winter coats, scarves, and toques….yes, you read that right. We were often getting horrified glances from onlookers at our *lack* of attire. We were in tshirts and flip flops – the kids too – and enjoying the weather. Apparently it was unusually cold for California (November 2010), and while we both knew it wasn’t as warm as usual it was still warmer than good ol’ Canadia! Besides, any chance to wear our flip flops – we were in! But my description of those we saw is no exaggeration. Literally bundled up…toques, scarves, mittens, and winter coats – it made us giggle just a little (or a lot). It is amazing though how your body acclimates to where you are…I wonder what would happen if they made their way North for winter…

Anyways – we passed this lovely little trampoline spot on the Pier and the boys were so excited to try it. I am a little surprised actually that Jonah did – or rather that he loved it so much. I thought after one jump he would realize how high he was and kind of freak out…but no – he LOOOOOVED it! It was a really fun thing to do and only $10. Awesome! The guys working there were so great and were really intent on making sure the boys had a great time and went high. Worth $10 for sure!!!

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