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My new digits!

You might recall that on my last measurements post I had lot 7 1/4″ from my previous measuring 8 months prior. That was March 8th…and now, April 2 I have taken a new set of measurements to document my progress.

I did have some help in the form of the nastiest sickness I have ever had. One that left me flat on my back for almost an entire week…unable to eat anything or really function at all. As a result I lost 7lbs (I can’t lie, I don’t mind that) and interestingly noticed a huge change in the shape of my body during that week. Of that 7lbs I have only *gained* 2 back…though I sort of fluctuate day to day within that 2lbs.

I feel amazing….I feel like I look good…I enjoy getting dressed and don’t cringe at certain shirts anymore. I’m still not exactly where I want to be, but for now am feeling comfortable in my own skin. Others are noticing and I’m getting compliments often. I love it…every one enjoys being told they look great. But what’s even better is when you believe them…when you feel it and see it in yourself. THAT is what’s making it so sweet.

All of a sudden my shape has changed. My hips are smaller, my tummy is flatter, my butt and thighs look better…and I’m feeling GREAT!

Some things I have been doing that I feel have contributed to this:
30 day Shred – I think this has had a huge impact
Being gluten free – for me this has changed my ENTIRE relationship with food. Not just WHAT I eat, but WHY!
Avoiding Chips and Candy until our holiday – I have no intentions of binging on our holiday but I am looking forward to having some for sure. It’s been a good challenge for me, and not nearly as difficult as I thought it would be.
Watching my portions – It’s no secret that I can pack it in…but I’ve paid the price for it. The great thing is I can eat pretty much the same, just less….and feel just as satisfied, even moreso because I don’t get that gross *overfull, weighed down* feeling!

We have a holiday coming up in the next few weeks-ish that I’ve used as my motivation. Really I just wanted to *test the theory* and see what my body could do in this time. I didn’t want to get to the time of our holiday at the same place I was when I started this, having not done anything…wondering if there could have been changes. So I went for it. I self talked a lot (A LOT) and kept the goal in focus. And I’m feeling pretty impressed with myself. I’ve done it…I’m still doing it…AND I’ve gotten results. Ones I’m THRILLED with! And I don’t ever want to go back…

So, want to know my digits??

On March 8th my measurements were:
Bust – 33″, Chest – 30″, Waist – 30 1/2″, Hips – 37″, Right Thigh – 22 1/2″, Left Thigh – 22″, Right Arm – 11″, Left Arm – 11″

Today, April 2nd, my measurements are:
Bust – 32″, Chest – 29″, Waist – 29″, Hips – 36 1/2″, Right Thigh – 22″, Left Thigh – 21″, Right Arm – +1/4″, Left Arm – +1/4″

I am down another 5 1/2″ (21″ total since June of 2010)!!!!! Now my arms are up 1/4″ each – but I’m totally chalking that up to muscle. If you’ve ever done the 30 day Shred, I think you’d agree! ūüôā

I can’t wait to see where the next few weeks take me…I gained weight the old fashioned way – I’ve got to work my butt off to lose it the old fashioned way!

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