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Ten Things You Shouldn’t Say To Your Vegan Spouse

I want a divorce. Unless this is an extreme case of bad timing, you probably shouldn’t threaten divorce with someone just wanting to change their eating habits. If the fact that they are going to be eating a plant based diet is that scary to you, perhaps they aren’t the issue ūüėČ Does this mean you are going to be a hippy tree hugger now? For years vegans were thought of as hemp loving hippies and while that may have…

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Reactive Anxiety Disorder – My Story

I think my recent facebook post said it best: Anyone who knows me knows that this is what I look like the majority of the time ~ smiling and laughing. I’ve got the laugh lines to prove it. But what nobody really knows is what’s behind it all. The thing is, everybody has a story and I think it’s time to tell you mine. I am naturally wired to be happy. To pick myself up and keep moving, and always…

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Sometimes Responsibility Sucks ~ The Axel Story

Five weeks ago and¬†I still can’t really talk about it. Writing on the other hand, THAT I think I can do. Last fall Axel, my male dog (a lab, not a breed known for aggression issues) ate our neighbour’s cat in¬†a sudden and random attack. I saved the cat (never again) from his jaw, twice…but the damage done and the highest amount of vet involvement (which was chosen to get back at me) ran me a bill of $6700. You…

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