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Ten Blessings From 2017

I’ve made no secret that 2017 was an incredibly difficult year for me and while I completely believe in being open about our struggles too, and will continue to be, I’m also a huge believer that gratitude and putting forth an energy of positivity is the real secret to happiness. So I’d like to take a minute and reflect on the past year with this in mind and bring you 10 blessings I received/experienced in 2017 {in no particulary order}:…

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The truth is, I don’t care if you buy makeup from me

What I do care about is that you feel good about yourself, that you feel comfortable in your own skin, and that you find a way to love your face (and self 😉) a little more every day. And what I know is that being a part of Younique has done exactly that for me over the past year. Because it’s not just about amazing products:     It has strengthened my personal confidence, my self worth, and intensified my…

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