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The Kaleidoscope Effect of Women Empowering Women

I am so incredibly excited to tell you about my new Facebook group {click either image below} and hopefully welcome you as we create an incredible and empowering group together. It isn’t a one size fits all and in fact, I want and welcome women from different walks of life. 

This group is a safe space to share and support and grow. What I’ve learned and continue to see is that we as women HAVE SO MUCH TO OFFER. Yes, I needed to yell that. I hope you see it….the purpose and value of your existence. And even if you don’t, please join us. You do not need to feel empowered to have an empowering impact. And in looking at The Kaleidoscope Effect, I see the need for all kinds of women: the working mothers, the stay at home mothers, the women who don’t have kids, can’t have kids, don’t want kids, have grandchildren, have been married multiple times or never want to be married, or are widowed. I want the women who naturally feel strong and empowered, the ones who are fighting for it, and the ones who struggle to feel it. No matter your life or religious or political views, I want you here. There is so much beauty to be found together.

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