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So I Have A Cousin….

I have a cousin. Perhaps it feels like an incredibly basic statement to make but to me it’s the beginning of everything changing. 

Let me back up a bit. Just over a week ago I got my results from 23andMe. 1115 DNA relatives came back as matching with me. ELEVEN HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN people I’m related to but don’t know at all. And one of them is a first cousin.

And because I know my birth dad’s last name (my birth mom was awesome and thoughtful and put his information on some documents), and it matched this cousin’s, I knew which side he was on. So I messaged him – I considered waiting a few days and sitting on it but the reality is, I knew I was going to message at some point so why wait?!

And then he made me wait….EIGHT whole days, but yesterday I received a message from him, understandably surprised to have a first cousin he’d never known about. Thing is, nobody knew as my birth dad was never told (this is not something I have any ill feelings about, for the record). 

So much happened in the hours following but I can’t say a whole lot more at this point except this:

I have a lot more than just a cousin. 

And this photo pretty much sums up my feelings.

Stay tuned….


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