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Wounded Healer ~ Finding My Passion As A Massage Therapist

I don’t get asked very often why I do what I do. People see it when they come to see me, they feel it. Not everyone can see themselves as a massage therapist and truth be told, 3+ years ago, I couldn’t either. I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2014 and it rocked my world. I began to view health in a completely different way and found myself going more for more of a holistic route in healing. UC is a chronic illness so I will always have it but it has never stopped me from living my life. I used this fuel to live and be better. To also propel me to my chosen career path. I was called a wounded healer once and that stuck with me.

Through my wounds I can heal others.


I can truly understand people who have suffered or are suffering. My empathy soars. I don’t believe my diagnosis was ever a burden. It is a gift. Each day I meet clients with love, truly wanting everyone to leave feeling better than when they arrived. I am a light, an ear, a kind word, heart, soul and I might also be amazing at massage.


Passion has given me an amazing home business and the space to love what I do. Each and every day. It’s never just ‘a massage’ ~ it is so much more.

Give me an hour.


Christina is graduating this month and one of the best massage therapists I know (seriously). Being called a {wounded} healer doesn’t surprise me as she is every bit of that, and someone I can’t imagine not having in my life {we became friends after she became my massage therapist!}. She is passionate, knowledgeable, and incredibly intuitive – and I can tell you she accomplishes her desire to have clients leave feeling better than when they arrived. Every. Time. Her busy schedule is evidence I’m not the only one who thinks so. Check her out on facebook HERE. 

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