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2018 – I’m Ready For You

For me, that day is today. I’ve taken the past two plus years for all the learning they gave me, I’ve laid the burden down, and now I’m ready to move forward in every beautiful way possible.

I’m going into 2018 with a new word and a new purpose. This year I’m opening up to

That’s it. Receive. I’m tired and I’m ready to stop the madness. It’s time to receive what God/Life/The Universe is offering. I’m tackling the coming year with a newfound commitment to:

  • Enjoy the time I get for me even when it means time away from my kids
  • Make my wants and needs a higher priority 
  • Continue to say no to anything that doesn’t bring me peace or joy, or that I simply don’t WANT to do
  • Feel loved 
  • Believe I am ENOUGH
  • Understand that I am worth effort, time, and honesty
  • Reach out to others who are lonely
  • Get more involved in things that matter
  • Spread more joy
  • Live in the now
  • Be more real
  • Trust more
  • Love more

I can just feel it, you guys, this is THE year. The year for giving more, trying more, and becoming more. This is MY year. 


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