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How To Survive A Rainy Day With Your Child – Guest Post

How to Survive a Rainy Day with your Child by Jeana Kinne Rainy Days are often very long and eventful in an enclosed area full of rambunctious preschool aged and toddler aged children.  The fact that you can’t go outdoors and are inside for many, many, many hours during the day can wear down any adult. Both at home and at school, children are awake and ready, as ever, to play! All of the research and information available that tells…

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There Is No Such Thing As Balance

Balance.  The ultimate quest. The one thing we all seem to be in pursuit of. And something that’s been on my mind often, moreso since going back to work just over 5 years ago. Finding balance between the need to do things and the want to do things, and how I actually view the things in my life in terms of these two categories. For the past few years specifically, I’ve considered each opportunity with one specific phrase, What Do…

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Finding Gratitude Amidst The Heartbreak

Last summer, while on our way back from a friend’s house, this sweet boy initiated a conversation that both warmed and broke my heart all at once. He talked about all the people and living things we’d lost over the years (his grandpa 8 years ago, our cat Mr. Bella about 7 years previous, my dad almost in early 2017, and of course more recently our original family unit plus our pets Axel, Salem, and now Malibu too). We held hands…

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23andMe ~ My Life Upside Down

It was the only thing I wanted for Christmas, the DNA kit from 23and Me. I’ve always been curious about my heritage and now there’s a way to find out. But more than that, there’s even a way to be connected to others who share your same DNA. I personally know a few people (my mother included) who have discovered previously unknown family members as a result, which is so amazing though I often joke that their slogan could be:…

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Ten Blessings From 2017

I’ve made no secret that 2017 was an incredibly difficult year for me and while I completely believe in being open about our struggles too, and will continue to be, I’m also a huge believer that gratitude and putting forth an energy of positivity is the real secret to happiness. So I’d like to take a minute and reflect on the past year with this in mind and bring you 10 blessings I received/experienced in 2017 {in no particulary order}:…

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The Ultimate Taco Dip

Several years ago I couldn’t decide whether to make my usual taco dip or have a taco (I had leftover taco meat in the fridge)…so I decided to mix the two. And oh my heavens….the result was absolutely scrumptious and became a repeat *offender* in this house!!! I took it for a girly night and got rave reviews – it is seriously soooo good! My usual taco dip recipe – Layer: Refried Beans Guacamole (recipe linked below) Mixture of 2…

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Wounded Healer ~ Finding My Passion As A Massage Therapist

I don’t get asked very often why I do what I do. People see it when they come to see me, they feel it. Not everyone can see themselves as a massage therapist and truth be told, 3+ years ago, I couldn’t either. I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2014 and it rocked my world. I began to view health in a completely different way and found myself going more for more of a holistic route in healing. UC…

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We Have Traded Effectiveness for Busy-ness

80% of the things we do are busy things we do in an area that is not effective. THE AVERAGE PERSON ONLY SPENDS 20% of their time doing things that they are really GIFTED AT, CREATIVE AT, PASSIONATE ABOUT, EXCITED TO DO, and the rest of it is all the dumb stuff that we all have to do in order to survive. I WONDER WHAT WOULD HAPPEN if we would go from doing 80% of things that are busy but…

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The truth is, I don’t care if you buy makeup from me

What I do care about is that you feel good about yourself, that you feel comfortable in your own skin, and that you find a way to love your face (and self 😉) a little more every day. And what I know is that being a part of Younique has done exactly that for me over the past year. Because it’s not just about amazing products:     It has strengthened my personal confidence, my self worth, and intensified my…

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