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December 2017

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Burden Down ~ What I’m Leaving In 2017

Well shit. It’s been one hell of a year. Anyone else? In truth, 2016 was a real doozy too and I could not have been more ready for 2017. And the universe laughed. But now, now I’m really ready for the coming year and I’m determined it’s going to be filled with all the goodness. I can just feel it….but first I need to wrap this year up. In 2016 my word was DISCOVER. And oh my word did I…

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Herbalife Collagen Beauty Booster – Weeks 3, 4, and 5 results

Results from the Herbalife Collagen Beauty Booster are expected after about 4 weeks of consistent usage. As you might remember, I saw pretty decent results after just one week but found that didn’t totally continue through the second. So I was definitely curious to see what would happen in the weeks that followed. Starting with my Week 2 Results to refresh your memory, then followed up with weeks 3, 4, and 5. I can’t say I see big changes in the week…

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I Failed At Being A Dog Owner So I Could Succeed At Life

I don’t take my commitments lightly. And any changes come with serious and lengthy consideration and inner turmoil. It is not in my nature to not see something through but sometimes things change and you have to make a different choice. This summer, after moving into my new place, I followed through with the most difficult of decisions when I took my dog, Axel to be put down. It was a lonely decision met with much backlash, though followed also…

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Ten Things You Shouldn’t Say To Your Vegan Spouse

I want a divorce. Unless this is an extreme case of bad timing, you probably shouldn’t threaten divorce with someone just wanting to change their eating habits. If the fact that they are going to be eating a plant based diet is that scary to you, perhaps they aren’t the issue 😉 Does this mean you are going to be a hippy tree hugger now? For years vegans were thought of as hemp loving hippies and while that may have…

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