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Herbalife Collagen Beauty Booster: Two Week Results

Well here they are. I’ve been using the Collagen Beauty Booster from Herbalife for two weeks now. One scoop in a cup of water each morning – that is the only change I’ve made to my already existing routine. 

I have to be honest and say that I don’t see any change this past week. I saw enough changes after the first week to be reasonably excited but this week, I feel like my progress photo looks similar to the before. I’m not sure why but I guess we’ll see how the Week Three photos compare….which I’m also a bit worried about because I have been stuffing.my.face. this week (week before Shark Week is always like that….anyone else??) but still, I carry on. 

I am considering adding in some mild ab workouts because the ultimate goal here is to tame the MumTum, eliminate the Truffle Shuffle, and get this belly button looking less like a space crater. Ha! I know, I know….it grew my babies, blah blah blah. 

I’m still allowed to dislike things about it while still loving it’s purpose. And I’m still allowed to want better for it! 

As before, if you have any questions about Herbalife products or this Collagen Beauty Booster, go HERE or reach out to Tarren Rasmussen on Facebook! He’s your guy! 



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