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October 2017

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What Do I Know About Being a Life Coach?

I know it might seem odd to some of you ~ That while my own life is in shambles, I am working towards becoming a life coach. It’s laughable, really. But I’m still doing it. And I still believe I have value to offer, maybe even moreso because of my struggles, and have shown exactly that with those I have worked with already. Not surprisingly, many that I follow in this line of work, have at one time or another…

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What is Virtue?

I sat in church a few weeks ago and listened to a lesson on virtue. The teacher was amazing and I found her teaching style upbeat and engaging. It wasn’t her that inspired this post but rather the numerous similar comments from the others in the room – there was a theme in the way we are conditioned to think, and it bothers me. It bothered me then, when I thought to write this and it bothers me now, weeks…

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