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Reactive Anxiety Disorder – My Story

I think my recent facebook post said it best: Anyone who knows me knows that this is what I look like the majority of the time ~ smiling and laughing. I’ve got the laugh lines to prove it. But what nobody really knows is what’s behind it all. The thing is, everybody has a story and I think it’s time to tell you mine. I am naturally wired to be happy. To pick myself up and keep moving, and always…

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Sometimes Responsibility Sucks ~ The Axel Story

Five weeks ago and I still can’t really talk about it. Writing on the other hand, THAT I think I can do. Last fall Axel, my male dog (a lab, not a breed known for aggression issues) ate our neighbour’s cat in a sudden and random attack. I saved the cat (never again) from his jaw, twice…but the damage done and the highest amount of vet involvement (which was chosen to get back at me) ran me a bill of $6700. You…

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